Seminar Information

We are aware that the mineral industry, including oil and gas, are passing through a lean period. Thus, the theme of the seminar entitled “Exploration of Oil, Gas, Coal, Minerals and Ground Water: Modern Techniques and Appliances” slated to be organized, February 7-9, 2018 in Kolkata is quite contemporary to show right direction to promote a boost to Mineral as well as Energy resources. Exploration techniques have undergone sea changes during the last decade as also various appliances including software to cater to the new challenges. 

Fast depleting ground water reserves and their contamination are matter of grave concern, and it is high time now that the associated dangers linked with this problem are addressed. In all these areas there has been a rapid technological growth that needs to be understood and used for  benefit of the society. It is imperative that all of us put our heads together to meet this challenge as societal responsibility.

Further, globally quality mineral resources, to name a few phosphate, potash, manganese, lithium etc. are becoming rarer day by day. While all the commodities may not match the requirements as extracted from mines but paucity and or rare availability warrant those to be utilized by value addition. Mineral dressing, beneficiation and coal washing should come to rescue to retrieve the maximum to cope with demands matching supply.

This seminar will be a platform to address these issues with all seriousness. Noted and highly experienced speakers both from industries and academia are invited to share trends, knowledge and experience. Interaction with learned delegates including young scientists and students will further refine and enhance the ideas that would emerge during the seminar. The manufacturers of various appliances including Software and Instruments will be given opportunity to use this platform to make learned gathering understand their products either during regular session or through poster sessions/ stalls / one-to-one interaction on requisition. 

Interaction amongst delegates who have done excellent work in their respective fields will immensely enhance our knowledge bank and also help in orienting our future plans for growing India.


We have spelt out various aspects and Earth resources for Exploration It is quite evident that during last decade the concept of Exploration has undergone huge changes. Such evolution of approach for natural resource Exploration need to be addressed. The Exploration of Natural resource is now an integrated approach where many disciplines must come together with environment playing stellar role to finally conclude about the resource being explored. Based on above concept, the Theme of the Seminar is "Exploration, Inventory, Exploitation, Value Addition, Application of Green Technology and Conservation of Earth Resources for an Eco-friendly Future".