The International Seminar on Exploration of Oil, Gas, Coal, Minerals and Ground Water(EXOCMING) 2018: Modern Techniques and Appliances will be organized by the ISM Alumni Association Kolkata in Association with IIT(ISM) Dhanbad and Geological Survey of India to be held on Feburary 7-9, 2018 in line with the Theme.

The title itself indicates emphasis on modern techniques and appliances connected to exploration as it is considered that these are synonym with innovations in the field of exploration. One of the prime objectives of the Seminar is to communicate to participants of the seminar to apprise them of modern techniques and appliances for exploration which has gone sea changes during last two decades. The seminar will thus open an avenue for the manufacturers of appliances to showcase their capacities and creations by poster session, through exhibits, demonstration and also interacting with delegates during Seminar sessions where time schedule will be provided. Various appliances will be related to:

1. Instruments

2. Software

3. Case Histories

4. Heavy machineries for mechanised mining etc.

5. Service Providers

It is obvious that in case of heavy machineries the poster session is appropriate; no space for exhibiting huge machineries will be provided.

Seminar will be attended by large number of delegates, dignitaries from various countries who will have great interest to see and understand exhibits for implementation of innovative exploration. Thus a wide circulation of information will take place which will immensely benefit both exhibitors and visitors.