Guidelines for Abstract

  1. Title of abstract will be in Arial font 14 point bold, left aligned. Name of Authors in Arial font 12 point (surname, initials, presenter underlined)
    • Affiliation short address and email of principal and or corresponding author limit Arial font 10 point
    • Affiliation (2) short address
    • Affiliation (3) short address etc
  2. To be submitted in a DTP ready format.
  3. Margins space on each side (right and left) should be 25 mm and space at top and bottom to be 15 mm.
  4. Text to be written in Arial font 11 point and with single line spacing
  5. Maximum length of abstracts to be one page (A4 size). This will include title, affiliations, text, references, tables, photo & figures
  6. All acronyms to be spelt out in full in first instance with the acronyms in bracket. After this acronyms can be used.
  7. References should be referred to by numbers in square parenthesis for example [1]
    References to be listed in an abbreviated form in Arial font 10 point
    Abstract to be prepared using a word processor and to be sent by email to Convener , at
    All contact information must be completed before submitting abstract
    Abstract once submitted cannot be edited. 
  8. The last date of submission of abstract – 31st August, 2017

Guidelines for Paper

All other parameters will be same as per the abstract including the font size of the text of abstract. The Technical paper should not exceed 12 A4 size pages (including figures and references) in single space in MS Word need to be sent through mail. The papers will be scrutinised and reviewed   by Technical Committee. Last date for submission of abstract is 31.08.2017 and acceptance of abstract would be communicated to Author(s) by 20.09.2017. Deadline for final submission of paper will be 31.12.2017, thereafter review would be completed by 07.01.2018. Final acceptance of paper would be communicated by 15.01.2018, after attending to the reviewers comments, if any.

Original contributions that have not been published or presented at any other forum will only be accepted.

At the end of the references the author(s) must furnish Bio Data not exceeding 120 words along with a passport size of his/her photograph.

A certificate needs to be provided by the author(s) as per the following format:

The author(s) certify that the paper titled ----------------------------- submitted for the International Seminar on Exploration of Oil, Gas, Coal, Minerals and Ground Water-Modern Techniques and Appliances organised by ISMAA Kolkata in association with IIT (ISM) Dhanbad and Geological Survey of India to be held in Kolkata during 7-9 February 2018 is in original and not been published or presented at any other forum.



Date:                                                                                                   (Signature)


Author(s) are however free to publish paper presented at the Seminar elsewhere. In such case mention may please be made.

Authors can send their abstract/papers by email to / or by using the 'Login' menu on top right of the website.

After the Seminar, Elsevier, New York has agreed to publish the proceedings. Print and Online versions of selected technical papers of high quality, upon required revisions, in Elsevier Books. Elsevier is a world-leading provider of information solutions that enhance the advances in  the boundaries of knowledge and human progress. Elsevier provides web-based, digital solutions — among them Science DirectScopusElsevier Research Intelligence and Clinical Key — and publishes over 2,500 journals, including The Lancet  ‘ and ‘ Cell,’, and more than 33,000 books of iconic reference works. 

Conference speakers and paper presenters are requested to ensure high quality genuine text, sharp figures and  distinct images in their technical papers so that we get the best results from all fronts.